How To Market An Auto Repair Shop

auto repair shop marketing

So you want to have your own auto repair shop someday? That is very good. You say you already have your own auto repair shop? Well done! That really is quite fantastic, having your own business and all, and especially since you are doing something that you really, really are passionate about. Like fixing up old autos and making them look and work like new again. Only two regular customers at any one time?

Still, that is not too bad, given how things are these days. But you want to go further? Okay, that is good. There is nothing wrong with having a little ambition, it is awesome actually but before you go and spend your money all on the wrong tools and people, do make sure that you have done a little crash test learning on how custom auto repair shop marketing should check out these days. If you are going it alone, do make sure that you do have enough time available in the week and that it is not going to cut into your usual auto workshop time. 

Do make sure that you have managed to gather the right marketing and advertising tools together. Make sure that they are always working, all ready and charged up, just like that auto’s battery you just juiced up. This is important because what if someone wants to talk to you about your service offering. And if he gets no immediate response (immediate; as in the next 24 hours at least) he might end up assuming that you’re not really available to talk to the likes of him, not treating the business seriously and all that sort of thing.

Make sure your marketing page is neat, clean and presentable.